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obtiga MEP Consultants is a fast Growing professional managed firm offering comprehensive consulting services to the clients all over the nation.

The Plumbing Engineer is involved with systems that overlap into the mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering disciplines.The plumbing engineer is in a key position to influence the water efficiency,sustainable site, energy,fire protection,and pollution systems of a facility.The future of plumbing engineering lies in the ability to design systems with the "whole building" in mind using,preserving,and respecting the natural biospheric earth systems of recycling air,waste and water.


* Water supply system(cold/hot)

* Types of pipe

* Standard used in plumbing

* Estimating water demand using WSFU table

* Central hot water recirulation system with booster pumps and thermostatic mixing valve

* sanitary fixtures and traps

* Inspection and testing for plumbing network

* Sizing the required pump

* Sensors and switches used in plumbing

Design and details of water storage tanks (UG/OHT)

* Drainage system types and appplications

* Determine pipe size for drainage network using DFU table.

* Design of man hole

* Design of septic tank etc...

Target Audience :

Your scope:Client,MEP consultants,contractors,subcontractors etc...

Your job:Design engineer,supervisor,Estimation engineer,drafting

Details duration Day
PLUMBING ENGINEERING Duration 2 months 40 days
examination one time 6 days

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